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March, 2018

Our soul is an individual manifestation of the One Consciousness.  Who we are is the One Consciousness.  In order for the individual manifestation of the One Consciousness that we call our soul to experience physical reality, we needed a physical form.  So, we have a body.  In order for the body to be able to function in physical reality we needed a mind.  So, we have a mind.  Who we are is the One Consciousness having an experience of physical reality through the tools of the human body and the human mind.  We are not the body or the mind.  We are the One Consciousness.

However, we have identified with the tools that allow the One Consciousness to experience physical reality and we live our lives as if we are the tools, instead of the creator of the tools.  Because we have identified with the body, we have created a set of ego structures based on those actions in the past that have allowed the body to survive.  This set of structures has become our personality.  Simply put, the structures of the ego are those behaviors that pleased our early caretakers and thus allowed for our physical survival.  Because we have identified with the body and the structures that have allowed the body to survive, we have identified with the personality.  We think that is who we are.

This is why, when we start to wake up to the truth of who and what we actually are, we get very nervous.  Because we have identified with the structures that are designed to insure the survival of our physical form, when we start to let go of our identification with our body, our sense of survival is threatened.  This is the challenge of the awakening process.  It happens over and over on the path of realizing the truth of who we are.

At the same time, somewhere deep inside of each of us, we know our true identity.  We may not have words for it.  We may only experience it occasionally.  And still, in our heart of hearts, we know that who we are is more than our body, more than our mind, and more than the way we present ourselves in order to survive in the world.

I cannot teach you anything that you do not already know.  Deep inside you know who you are.  No one can teach you that – you can only become conscious of that truth.  It is already there.  As you awaken to the truth of who you are you experience more inner freedom, more peace, and more joy.  And the journey to consciously knowing and living the truth is challenging.  That is also true.

What I can do is provide a space in which you can discover and experience more of your own truth.  I can not teach you the truth of who you are – but you can discover it as you spend time with your Self in an environment in which the truth of who we all are is recognized and supported.  This is our intention for our June retreat.

Newsletter – February 2018

Have you ever felt like you come from a different planet?  Here are some of the signs:

You don’t fit in.

You have never fit in – even in the family you were born into.

You have always felt like you are somehow different from those around you.

You are usually on the outside of any group you try to belong to.

You feel like you know something that other people don’t know but you are not sure what it is.

You don’t understand humans. 

You don’t understand how they can do and say the thing that they say and do.

You know in your heart that it is possible for people to live in loving harmony with each other.

You have a feeling that you belong somewhere else and you long to return to your true home.


    These are some of the signs that Earth is not the only planet on which your soul has manifested.  Many of us have experienced life on other planets and/or in other dimensions of reality.  Many of us have already recognized the truth that who we are is individual expressions of the One consciousness.  We know that we are not separate and it saddens us to see what is happening (and has happened) on Earth.  We feel like we are here on Earth to help but we don’t know how to help.

    Those of you who are participating in receiving the MessagesFromBeyond4u recognize the truth in the messages.  They are saying something that part of you already knows.  (If you have not already signed up to receive the messages and would like to receive them, send your email address to:  The reason that you recognize the truth in what the messages are saying may be that your consciousness has already evolved on some other planet or in some other dimension and you know (consciously or unconsciously) the truth of who you are.

    In our retreat in Germany in June we will be exploring some of the many reasons why we choose to incarnate on this planet and what being here contributes both to the human collective and to our Friends back Home.  You are invited to join us.

    Love,  Rhea


January, 2018

Dear Fellow Travelers,

As we move into our next trip around the sun I would like to share some thoughts with you.  Decades ago I channeled the book: “A Call to the Lightworkers”.  It is my privilege that the book touched many people.  Many people resonated with the title of “Lightworker”.

Many of us feel like there is a reason that we choose to incarnate on Earth.  Many of us feel that we have a mission.  At the same time many of us do not know what that mission is.  Some of us have given up finding our mission and some of us are still looking.  Even for those of us who have a sense that we have found our “mission” our spiritual super-ego still tells us that we should do more.  Or it tells us that we should do better.  Or that we should do our job differently.

The very term “Lightworker” implies that we have work to do.  The emphasis seems to be on doing rather than just being.  We may feel that we have to do something good for a person or for the world.  Again it is as if incarnating on Earth means that we have a job to do. 

I would like to suggest that it is enough to just Be.  The more we begin to identify with our True Nature instead of our personality, the more we naturally express our innate love and compassion to those around us.   Our “doing” becomes a natural expression of our “Being”.  There is no mission, no job, nothing we “should” do other than be who we are.  As we recognize that we are the Divine consciousness manifested in form we realize that the simple fact that we have incarnated on Earth is our gift to the planet.

Have a wonderful New Year.

Much love,  Rhea

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Dear Fellow Travelers,

As you probably know, I am channeling "Messages From Beyond" daily and we have begun to send them out once a week in several languages.  I found this channeling which we sent out last November in my computer and it seemed to fit perfectly with the messages so I am sending it to you again.

Also, I am working with clips from an interview I did in Miami this summer and the following short clip seems to fit perfectly with the following channeled message.

I send my love,  Rhea

Nov. 10th 2016
Your planet is in distress.  Your planet is seeing much chaos and is waking-up to the dangers of many paths that are being taken by many different governments.  The people are looking for a Divine Father in the personage of their leaders. They have felt betrayed by their own fathers and by the circumstances of their families and the lack of reward for their work.  They are turning to very egotistical, self-interest motives and it is showing up in many groups in many forms all over the planet.  Even those regimes that appear to be less dangerous are driven by self –interest. 
It is a time for awakening to the reality of the condition of the collective human consciousness.  It is a time to live your truth and your individual wisdom.  Your own love and compassion flows out of you as you accept the truth of where the majority of people are.  Your compassion touches many.  It is needed.  Even if there is no direct communication your Presence does make an impact on the vibration of all you come in contact with.  This is a time to trust in the ultimate intelligence of the unfolding of the human collective.  It is a difficult and challenging time and you must remember that you are not alone.
Many of your fellow Beings have come to hold the light in times of darkness such as this.  As you trust your own experience of truth and interact in a caring way with those around you, you bring light to the planet.
We understand this is not easy.  We understand it challenges your hopes and your dreams for the future of the human race.  We understand and we send you our encouragement and our love.

___________________________April 2017 ____________________________

      As you have probably noticed, there is a lot of chaos in the collective consciousness right now.  No matter where you live on the planet, there is worry and concern and a shift away from the way we are accustomed for reality to manifest.  Because we are a part of the human collective consciousness we feel the inner distress of the collective.  If we follow the news reports it is even easier to have our own latent fears for survival reactivated.  Additionally, we are concerned not only for the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones, we are worried about the planet and Her well-being. If we allow ourselves to get caught-up in external reality we experience worry and stress.  

What is your reality?  I would like to make a radical suggestion.  Look around at your reality.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you feel?  You may hear the news, or see the news or read the news but are the events that are in the news actually a part of your reality?  Or are they ideas and images about a version of reality that you personally are not currently experiencing?  Yes, we have compassion and concern for what is happening in our world – of course!  However, I suggest that if we choose to stay with our actually experience of our moment to moment reality – of what we actually see, feel, taste, hear, touch – we can have peace in our hearts.  All we ultimately have is our experience.

If we are on a spiritual journey of awakening (why else are we here?) then staying with our inner experience and inquiring into it is the path to discovering the truth of who we are.  If we allow external events to take us away from ourselves we lose touch with who we are.  Walking this Earth, knowing our real identity as True Nature, as divine consciousness manifested in form, is the path to inner peace regardless of what is happening in the world.  It is also our ultimate contribution to the collective consciousness.
___________________________March 2017 ____________________________

                Last month we talked about the possibility that many of us originally came from more spiritually evolved civilizations on other planets or in other dimensions of reality.  Many of us have access to memories of our “home”.  We know that the way reality manifests on this planet is not the only way to live.  Many of us long to “go home”.  At the same time, many of us feel that we are here for a reason.  We feel like we came to help the evolution of consciousness on Earth.  (You can stop reading right now if this does not resonate with you!)  Yet, we often do not know how to contribute.  Perhaps we do not trust our gifts.  Perhaps there are subconscious memories of a past life in which we tried to help and were punished or killed for our attempts.  This leaves an imprint of fear in our subconscious and we may hesitate to try again to bring forward our gifts and our knowledge.

                I would like to suggest another reason why we hold ourselves back:  We put ourselves on the wheel of karma.  It is possible that when we first incarnated on Earth, the consciousness of the human collective was so different from what we knew, that we did not know how to relate our knowledge to people in a way that they could understand.  So we decided to “walk in another’s moccasins”.  We gave ourselves a lifetime that was totally against our innate integrity.  We were “bad”.   We put ourselves on the wheel of karma.  That gave us many subsequent human lifetimes in which we could learn what it is like to be a human being.  We did this so that we could learn how to communicate with people in a way that they could hear.  We learned what it is like to have emotions, desires, and fears.

                The difficulty is that in order to put ourselves on the wheel, we were bad.  We judged ourselves for being bad.  I suggest that there is an unconscious feeling that we do not deserve to bring forward our love and our light because we feel that deep down, we are bad.  Our super-ego, or inner critic, is happy to remind us daily that we are bad or wrong or not enough.  We may even have chosen parents who reinforced the buried feeling that there was something wrong with us.  Hence we doubt ourselves and hide our gifts.

                Each of us has much to share.  Our planet needs our gifts now.  It is time to step off the wheel and trust our inner knowing.  It is time to bring the truth of who we are into our world -- into your world.

                We will be working on this in our April retreat.
___________________________November 2016,  ____________________________

Dear Fellow Travelers,                                                                                     November, 2016

Over the years many people have asked me to write an autobiographical account of my personal spiritual journey.  Parts of my journey do appear in some of my books but I have never felt pulled to write an autobiography.  Those of you who know me may remember that my awakening process began when I started remembering my past lives.  When I experienced the impact that working through the memories of a previous incarnation had on my life, I found a way to share what I had discovered by becoming a past-life therapist.  Eventually, working with past-lives became the focus of the seminars I began to offer.  Aside from releasing impressions on the soul from the past that are not helpful in the present, experiencing a previous incarnation helps to loosen the hold of our current identity.  After all, if who you are includes all these other incarnations, then you are clearly more than you take yourself to be in this incarnation.  Past life work expanded my own experience of who I am. 

 Next came clearings and that work also appeared in the seminars.  When I started channeling I was very excited about sharing that experience and I led trainings to teach others to channel.  It is the same as when you read a book or see a movie that touches you in a deep way you naturally want to share it with others.  It was through channeling that I realized that there is more than one reality and that we can learn and be guided by Beings from other dimensions.    Although I have relied on this guidance for years, it was somewhat unexpected to have the palpable energy of Beings from other dimensions so clearly present in the last two European retreats I have led in Germany.  Their Presence impacted us all.

Each stage of my own unfolding has informed my and each time I have sought to share what I learned and experienced in the groups that I led.  I have also attempted to share what I have learned in the books that I have written.  I am grateful that those books have been so well received.  A book can help give our mind a way to hold our experience.  However, it is the experience itself that has the potential to shift our consciousness.

As you may have noticed, there is a shift in consciousness happening in the human collective.  Predictably there is also major reactivity to the shift.  It is as if the collective human ego is raising its head in defiance of the expansion in consciousness that many of us are experiencing.  (The name “Trump” comes to mind)

My personal experience of this expansion in consciousness includes opening to the Totality of Being and knowing my “self” as an expression of that totality.  My challenge for next April’s European retreat is to find a way to share that experience with the circle so that each of us knows, beyond a doubt, that who we ultimately are is All There Is. 

                                                                                                                    I send my love,  Rhea