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The following books written by Rhea are available in English. The first three are available for purchase below.  Rhea's other books are available on Amazon and

Beads on a String 
Set in an ancient temple to the Mother Goddess, it tells the story of the high priestess, Iza, as invaders bring their Father God to her people. The novel is the first of a trilogy that follows a group of souls through three different incarnations as they play out various roles with each other. At the moment the novel is only available in English. Many who have read it have been deeply touched in an archetypical way.
$16.50 (includes standard shipping within the US)

To order your copy send a check made out to: Rhea Powers 
Address:  443 W. Oakwood Lane, Castle Rock,  CO  80108

Unfolding the Heart
A 90 day program to develop and deepen your relationships
The focus of the workbook is to explore those conscious and unconscious structures in the psyche that get in the way of us having the quality of relationships our hearts desire.
$25.00 (includes standard shipping within the US)

Unfolding the Soul
A 90 day program to free yourself from the Inner Critic
This workbook contains 90 entries each with a short teaching designed to bring the structures of the super ego, or Inner Critic, into consciousness so that they can begin to dissolve. Each lesson has a corresponding exercise to help integrate the teaching. Journal pages for the exercises are included.
$25.00  (includes standard shipping within the US)

A call to the Lightworkers (out of print)
This book has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. Although was channeled in 1983 its message is timeless.
Available through Amazon HERE

Riding the Dragon On the power of committed relationships (out of print)
Written in partnership with Rhea's (embarrassingly) ex-husband, Gawain Bantle during their marriage.  This book explores the function of projection, idealization, and transference in intimate relationships using personal examples from their marriage.
Available through Amazon HERE 

Past Lives
A CD of the past life process we use in English and German.
You can do your own past-life regression in the comfort of your home.
Available for download and purchase through
Amazon HERE