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My name, Rhea, means mother of the Gods and I particularly like that meaning because I work to bring out the divine within my students and the participants in my groups.
I wouldn’t say that I have a particular gift because I don’t think I’m different from anybody else. However, I have had the experience of remembering some of my past lives.  As I learned how to work with these memories I also learned how to guide others into experiencing their past lives.
When I had a past life memory surface from my unconscious I was teaching high school in a little town in Missouri.  I had the whole football team in my 3rd period English class. I hated that class!  Those boys were very rambunctious and very anxious to get to lunch and out on the football field.  One day as I was driving to work I was thinking how much I hated 3rdperiod. 
Then I thought: “Ok, so why do you hate that class?”  All of a sudden I saw a scene on the windshield of my car as I was driving.  I intuitively knew I was seeing myself as an emaciated Arab boy in some Middle Eastern desert town.  I saw that I had stolen an orange in the market and a gang of town bullies chased me out into the desert and beat me to death.  The energy of these boys in the desert was like the energy of the football team before lunch in 3rdperiod.  I realized that I was intimidated by the boys in that class because they triggered this old fear that that I was going to be killed.  The fear was really visceral.  I knew it was not my imagination because I felt it in my body.  So that day, when I got to 3rd period, I stood up in front of the class and said a little mantra in my head; “This is now, it isn’t then, they aren’t going to kill you, this is now, it isn’t then, they aren’t going to kill you”.  And for the first time I took charge of the class.   Soon that became my favorite class and I became the darling of the football team.  Additionally, the student’s scores on their state tests went way up.  I was delighted!
 This was my introduction.  This was when I realized that something in the present could be shifted out of seeing something from the past.  Eventually, I became a past-life therapist because I realized that, given my own experiences, I could help people more that way than teaching high school English.